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Follow me, follow Santa

Santa Claus, who used to come to Bucharest "Henri Coandă" International Airport by plane, surprised us, this time, getting out of the "Follow me" car. After a short visit on the platform and a skilful slalom between the planes, we brought him to the Departures terminal, by the Christmas tree, in the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the piano, to write another Christmas story for our passengers, younger and older, who could confess their wishes to him, in a whisper or in a letter. Santa's "helpers" were the talented students of the International Institute of Arts, Ava Pașol, Maria Maleș, and also the pianist Mădălina Pașol, who brought us carols from the Romanian and international repertoire. The delicate atmosphere created by the piano in the airport was counterpointed by the "Nonconformist Firs" exhibition, signed by Alina Mărgineanu. Each of these unique trees had its own story: the "Wish" tree, made of letters to Santa Claus, the "Beauty" tree - a magical evening dress for Santa's wife, the "Home" tree, a luminous chair that tells us about the positive energies from home, the "Toy" tree, built from toys donated by children and other artistic creations made from the most unexpected recyclable materials, to convey not only an aesthetic and ecological message, but also one of solidarity and generosity.

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