Passengers with reduced mobility

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The passengers with reduced mobility enjoy a special attention within the airport, proved by the services and facilities which are offered to them.

The category of persons with reduced mobility includes any person whose mobility is reduced due to a physical incapacity (sensorial or locomotive), to a psychical deficiency, to age, illness or other cause (persons who are using a wheelchair, persons with sight problems, very old persons, very tall or very fat persons).


Before starting the travel

In order to travel by air, request special assistance when you reserve your ticket. The agent responsible for boarding will be announced in advance about the type of assistance needed whereas you will be helped by a qualified person.



There are places especially designated for passengers with reduced mobility in the airport parking lots. The access from the parking to the Departures Terminal is facilitated by an access ramp (follow the indicator). The public parking lot corresponding to the Arrivals Terminal is fitted with elevators.


Inside the terminal

The access doors of the terminals are automatic.

Access to the different levels of the terminals for the passengers who are using wheelhairs is facilitated by wide elevators fitted with a command panel installed at an adequate height. The areas which can not be accessed using the elevators are provided with mobile platforms (please request assistance to the handling agent or to the staff of the airline you are flying).

In all the airport areas there are toilets especially designed in order to be used by the persons who are using wheelchairs (see the map).

The public phones are installed at an adequate height and can be found in all the terminals areas.

Airport Assistance

Commission European - Passengers rights - Passengers with reduced mobility

Quality Standards for Passengers with Reduced Mobility Assistance

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