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The National Company „Bucharest Airports” was set up based on the Government Decision no. 1208/07.10.2009, under the authority of the Ministry of Transportation, following the merger between the National Companies „Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport” and „Bucharest Baneasa Aurel Vlaicu International Airport.

Bucharest Airports National Company’s activity commenced on the 5th of February, 2010. The registered share capital is of Lei 143.772.150. The shares are structured as follows: 80% owned by the Romanian State, represented by the Ministry of Transportation and 20% owned by Fondul Proprietatea.  Bucharest Airports National Company coordinates the development/modernization projects of the two airports in order to respond as accurate as possible to the medium and long term necessities of the capital city and neighbouring areas. 

Bucharest Airports National Company elaborates and applies a unitary strategy for the development and modernization of the airport infrastructure Bucharest disposes of, according to the Ministry of Transportation policy.

Bucharest Airports National Company represents the main aviation pole of Romania, processing approximately 75% of the passengers, cargo and mail traffic registered at a national level. Bucharest Airports National Company, through the two platforms, Otopeni and Baneasa, ensures the conditions for the performance of all the air operations – civil and military – disposing of a substantial development capacity, able to satisfy the air traffic growth forecast, at least until 2030.

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