National Company Bucharest Airports

16 January 2017

“Eudoxiu Hurmuzachi” Institute for Romanians abroad

The Departures Terminal of Bucharest “Henri Coandă” International Airport hosted the second edition of “Wings of Romanian culture” project, developed by Bucharest Airports National Company (CNAB) in partnership with “Eudoxiu Hurmuzachi” Institute (IEH) for Romanians abroad. The event was dedicated to our national culture and is part of the multi-cultural project entitled ”Romanian Identity Caravan”. We were exited to hear that our partners from IEH choose to launch the ”Romanian Identity Caravan” at the airport, a meeting point for roads and flights, potentiating, thus the significance and objectives of the program. Moreover, it was a fortunate crossing with ”CNAB, a Value Promoter” program that Bucharest Airports National Company manages for years, coincidence that brought together those who understand the need to make the Romanian culture and traditions known.